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7 Home Gym Gift Ideas


If your giftee in question is into home fitness then you’re in luck! Home gym equipment and accessories cover lots of categories and price ranges, meaning there are lots of gift ideas available to you.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best home fitness gift ideas around, from the unique to the incredibly practical, take a look below.

Iron Core Fitness Bands

six resistance bands for home gyms

Resistance bands have a variety of uses within fitness, ranging from assisting in pull-ups and mobility movements to adding resistance in bodyweight exercises and even cardio.

The idea behind these simple multi-functional accessories is to add a level of resistance – varying with the thickness of band you choose – by incorporating the band into a movement. For example, store it in your holiday luggage and you have resistance in your hotel room to do squats, lunges, deadlifts and hundreds more.

The Iron Core Fitness bands cover seven different thicknesses, with prices ranging from £3.95 for the weakest resistance to £27.95 for the strongest. With more than 100 reviews on Amazon, you can be assured of quality, durability and accuracy in the level of resistance stated!

Any home gym-er would be happy to have these hanging from the walls, and may not have even considered adding them to their gym equipment collection, making them a great surprise gift idea.

Weighted Vests

weighted vest for fitness

A common theme within home gyms is finding unique ways to work around the often limited space available by finding ways to add resistance to simpler exercises. A weighted vest is another completely innovative way of doing this.

Weighted vests, and accompanying ankle and wrist straps, enable fitness buffs to attach additional weight to their bodies without holding anything.

Carrying out normal exercises such as running, pressups, pullups and more becomes much harder with the added resistance, boosting strength, endurance and power (as well as overall out-of-breathness). If your fitness buff in question has been looking for ways to add to their endurance, make simple exercises harder and get past plateaus, a fitness vest could be the answer.

This one from Fitness Superstore is adjustable and comes with 9kg of weight combinations across a vest, ankle and wrist straps.

Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight and Pullup Rack


Maixmising space within home gyms is vital. If you can combine multiple functions within one piece of equipment then you’re onto a winner, and this affordable piece of kit achieves just that.

A portable pull-up rack consists of a an arrangement of bars that can be placed in different positions for different exercises. Stand it up for normal pullups and leg raises, lay it down for incline press-ups or inverted rows, or split it into two for dips.

With simple assembly, a carry bag and a maximum weight of 110kg, this pull-up rack will add an extra dimension to any home workout.

Pressup Stands / Bars

two pressup bars

Press-up bars are another way to enhance a home workout by providing a slightly different approach to standard exercises.

By allowing the user to grip bars whilst in a press-up position, rather than flexing the hands against the floor, there is much less risk of damaging the wrists.

A slightly more inclined position attacks the chest from a different angle whilst choosing a pair with added height means they could be used for other bodyweight exercises. Meanwhile a very small price for a very small but beneficial piece of kit means this is a quick and easy supplemental gift!

Bike Turbo Trainer

bike turbo trainer

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about cardio! Yet again, when it comes to home gyms space is vital, which means that cardio equipment, more often than not, must be stationary. Treadmills can be great, but can often take up a lot of space and aren’t exactly easy to move around. In comes a turbo trainer.

A turbo trainer sits underneath the back wheel of your chosen bike and adds varying levels of resistance, replicating what you might get in those dreaded spin classes.

They do need a suitable bike, but this small piece of equipment can be moved around very easily, and offers a fantastic cardio workout. When it’s not in use, simply detach the bike and move everything to the side, or keep it together and let it take up as much room as a bike would on its own.

This one at Amazon provides 6 levels of resistance, as well as attachments that allow the resistance to be controlled from the handlebars.



Due to its versatility, affordability and space-to-functionality ratio,TRX equipment can be found in just about any gym nowadays.

Whilst at the slightly higher end in terms of gift price (averaging around £80-£100), this is another home gym gift idea that would come with practically limitless uses.

With exercises for the back, chest, arms and legs available, as well as engaging the core in most cases this should cover any areas missing from a home workout due to a lack of equipment.

This TRX product from Argos comes with a workout poster, downloadable workouts, as wel as great reviews. Same day delivery and in-store collection make it easy to get it ordered so take a look!

Barbell and Weight Set

barbell with weights on it

A home gym is incomplete without a full barbell and weight set, simple as. This core piece of equipment allows for any type of workout – legs, chest, arms and almost every other body part.

Unfortunately a proper set can often be expensive, meaning it may be missing from many home workouts. If your budget reaches this price point though, it makes for the perfect home gym gift idea.

This one from Bodypower is an ideal set for a home gym. The bar has a width of 7ft – just shy of the Olympic standard – a standard 20kg weight and an accompanying 70kg worth of plates (2x15kg, 2x10kg and 4x5kg). When that isn’t enough there’s also the opportunity to purchase additional plates from other Amazon sellers.

The ideas really don’t stop there, but sadly our word count does! However, if you need some more ideas we’ve got plenty more in the list below, as well as a link to a recommended product for each.

Beyond that we’ve written loads more about fitness gift ideas, so if you’ve decided a home gym gift idea isn’t quite right there are plenty more gift ideas and price points for inspiration.


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