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Gift Ideas for Men

Whether you’re looking for your father, brother, boyfriend, husband or anyone else – we’ve done all the research for you.

With so many hobbies, interests, sports and more available to men, you’d think finding them a gift would be a walk in the park. Unfortunately that is rarely the case.

But, with its special insight to the male mind and hours of research, Gift Turtle has your back. Our comprehensive guide to gift ideas for men is constantly evolving, more ideas being added and the best deals uncovered.

Take a look through our guide below to bring your search for gift ideas to a swift end!

If the man in question is into running, crossfit, weightlifting or any other of the now thousand fitness variations, then you have an endless supply of gift ideas here: link to page.

Fitness based gifts split into so many more categories, providing plenty of price points suitable for any budget, whilst the passion that often comes with fitness means that whatever you choose – they’ll love it! Take a look below for a quick shortlist.

He’s got the membership and the gear, but that old rucksack is full of holes and it barely zips up. Or maybe a decent bag has been surplus to requirements – either way, it makes for the perfect gift!

Not just that, but a good gym bag will last for years and will of course double up for weekends away or for carry-on luggage.

Here’s three price points to get you started:

1. MyProtein Barrel Bag – £20.00

With a dual carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap and a velcro sidepocket (as well as the usual main compartment), the MyProtein Barrel Bag keeps it simple but actually pretty stylish.

With the durability that MyProtein is known for it’s a steal at £20.00, plus combine it with some protein or more clothing to get the most for your £2.95 delivery. Shop now button

2. Nike Unisex Brasilia 6 Duffel

Of course we can’t talk about gym bags without mentioning Nike. Our mid-level recommendation is the Unisex Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag.

It comes in 7 colours at the time of writing (we recommend red) and with the usual compartmentalisation that makes gym bags so useful. Two side pockets (one vented for for the more smelly articles and shoes) and a larger main zip compartment – as well as a removable adjustable shoulder strap and smaller dual handles.

A range of size options gives you even more price points making this an easy win. LINK

3. Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffle Bag – £66.55

If you’re willing to up your budget, the Herschel Supply Co offer a bag that would be just as suitable for a weekend trip as it would for the gym.

This bag gets top marks for sophistication and simplicity – an internal shoe compartment keeps everything separated, whilst its nylon build makes it easy to clean, and very cool. If the man in question is in the office all day, this bag would fit right in.

Looking for more ideas? We have plenty more ideas for you around gym bags and fitness in general HERE. Or start with these articles:

Fitness Clothes

Clothing is an easy one as long as you have the right sizes – take note of these in advance. We’ve gathered hundreds of options here, from shorts and compression vests to hoodies and joggers.

We’ve given you three ideas below of the small, medium and large price variety below:

1. MyProtein Tru-Fit Joggers – £30.00

Comfort wrapped up in jogger-form, sent down from Heaven. These joggers feature a soft-touch cotton blend of a medium thickness with a tru-fit tapered design. Quite simply; it’s the best hug legs could ask for.

Zip pockets on either leg make them completely functional, meaning no dropped phones mid-squat, and ankle zips get a bit more air to the legs when necessary. Four different colours ranging from black through to navy makes for a cool set of joggers that would be welcome in any gym wardrobe.

2. Gymshark Enlighten Bottoms – £38.00

A more lightweight option but maintaining the functionality of cuffed hems, secure zip pockets and all the comfort of a soft fabric – the Gymshark enlighten bottoms will become a gym bag frequenter.

Gymshark have quickly become masters of the gym clothing range, and the style and quality makes it easy to see why. Any gym buff would be happy to add these to their collection.

Item 3 £##.##


Three ideas doesn’t even come close to the research we’ve done on fitness clothes. Get hundreds more ideas HERE or start with these articles:


Health and beauty can be a real win when it comes to gift ideas for men. Ideas here are often things that a man wouldn’t buy for himself, but would nevertheless love to have – luxury shaving kits, aftershave and more. This means that if you know their tastes, you could have a great luxury item on your hands.

Not just that, there are so many unique ideas out there now that you can get some great surprise gifts. Yes they’re hard to find, but that’s what you’re here for, right? Take a look through some of our ideas below:

1. Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum

We could try to explain the scent of this one, but would it really make any sense? OK we will anyway. Aventus sits within the fruity and rich fragrance family, with the following top, heart and base notes:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Apple, Pineapple
  • Heart notes: Juniper Berries, Birch, Patchouli, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Musk, Oak Moss, Ambergris, Vanilla

Creed aftershave has long been the scent of the uber professional and Aventus is no different – treat him to this and he’ll love you forever. Well, he will anyway, but he’ll smell better.

2. Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Starting their days in the USA, Dollar Shave Club has grown due to its massive convenience, brilliant model and plain good products at incredible value.

With all sorts of pre and post-shave treatments, balms and oils, as well as the high quality razor blades and handle – a visit to the Dollar Shave Club should provide plenty of choice. 

A subscription starts the first month at £5, followed replacement blades every month for £3, £6 or £8 and premium treatment products start from £7. Once your budget’s up just end the subscription with no long-term commitments!

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Men and tech, the never-ending love affair. Annoying most of the time, but very useful when you’re searching for gift ideas.

Take care when choosing gifts within tech. A lot of technology at the low-end price points can be seen as more “stocking fillers” – which is fine as long as that’s what you’re looking for. If it’s not, just make sure it’s something they would use and of a quality you would want for them.

Luckily we’ve done loads of research for you, and the tech arena more than anywhere is under constant refresh. As always, take a look at the three price points below for some initial thoughts, and browse our tech area for hundreds more ideas, literally.

1. Amazon Echo

Like many people, you’ve probably always looked at the Echo and thought – gimmick. And a few years ago, you might have been right. Now though, everything is connected to the wireless world, and that makes the Amazon Echo the incredibly useful gadget you never knew you needed.

What makes this such a good gift? That’s easy – it makes life at home so much simpler.

Make calls, check calendars, play music through any one of a number of streaming apps (including Spotify), control house temperatures, lights, your TV and plenty more. With multiple internal microphones it picks up your voice surprisingly well which, combined with the above, takes it from gimmick to gimme now! LINK